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Via @jaisongardner:

Greater Louisville, Inc. – the self-appointed Metro Chamber of Commerce – has recently released an email to everyone who may have accidentally signed up for a GLI newsletter subscription. According to the email, GLI wants to know what we, the people, think of them:

How's my driving? Call 1-800-ProfitsAreMoreImportantThanPeople

In case you don’t recall, this capitalist organization was an outspoken opponent of the minimum wage ordinance that passed Metro Council earlier this year, which will gradually raise the wage to $9 per hour by 2017. Apparently, GLI believes that paying workers a fair wage so they don’t have to buy groceries without government assistance is simply just too much. In their own words:

“Consider the situation at one small manufacturing business that pays many of its 20 employees below $10.10/hr.  To respond to the proposed Metro-dictated wage increase, this barely profitable business (which has no ability to raise prices) would literally need to DOUBLE its sales just to earn enough profit to stay even.”

At no point does GLI acknowledge that labor – like paper cups and napkins – is a commodity that costs money. If your business cannot survive on paying workers a fair wage, then you have no business being in business. Sorry folks, but that’s just how the market operates. Yet labor seems to be the only avenue in which businesses are willing to cut corners. And GLI has consistently been the pro-capitalist voice that substantiates such nonsense.

If I may quote FDR:

FDR on Minimum Wage

So how did I respond to the GLI email? With this [Note: the embedded in the message below redirects to an Insider Louisville story about how and why local entrepreneurs have a hard time finding traction in this city]:

People over Profit*drops mic*

Originally posted on Education Voodoo:

Louisville photojournalist Bud Dorsey documented a police training exercise at Beecher Terrace on Tuesday, February 10th. The story didn’t make a big splash on the evening news. Metro Council president and Beecher Terrace’s representative, David Tandy, hasn’t had anything to say about it. Yet.  Neither has Mayor Melanoma.

This raid says a lot of things but it certainly doesn’t say, “We care about you.”  “We want you to succeed.” “We respect your neighborhood.”

The police are a frequent presence at Beecher Terrace, okay, I am aware.  But they’re typically uniformed LMPD officers in cruisers which is a far cry from these men in commando gear who look like they’re about to carry out a Special Forces raid and shoot up the neighborhood.

And here is the education blurb.  The high school children in this neighborhood get forcibly bused to the edge of the county even though Manual is a very…

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