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“Wilding Louisville. Are we having the right conversations? Specifically, are we having the right conversation regarding violence, race, materialism, class, fairness and honesty?

We tell youth (and it is true) that violence toward persons and property is not appropriate, not acceptable. Yet, are we adults guilty of celebrating violence in sports, in the military, in movies, etc.? If we do not want youth, or police, responding in violence, we need to shun other violent expressions.

It has been said that the recent violence in Louisville is not about race. Yet, is it possible to be raised in a country whose racism dates back to 1492, to Columbus’ enslavement of ‘indians’? Is it possible to be free of 500 years of racial conflict? Should we, no matter what our race, start this conversation like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting? ‘I am Jackie, and I am a racist.’

And then there is materialism. Success in this society is expressed in nice clothing, fine jewelry, big houses/second homes, cars, travel, summer vacations, spring break jaunts, prestigious careers, all of which are out of reach for most of the kids growing up in poverty. Are we so naive as to think impoverished kids celebrate the good fortune of the privileged? Do we not think there is no envy, no eating away at the self-worth of those born into lesser circumstances? Do we think that the ‘bootstrap’ lecture results in no resentment in poor youth?

Do we think there is no resentment when kids in run down neighborhoods hear about the millions spent on east end parks that are beyond the range of their TARC buses? Do we think kids do not know ‘compassion window dressing’ when they see it?

Violence toward persons and property is not appropriate, not acceptable. Yet, are we having the right conversations? Is there societal as well as individual responsibility for the recent youth violence?”


"Trust us." -The Man


Credit: Jackie Green

Students from the University of Louisville may have noticed strange rumblings happening on the stretch of road between Eastern Parkway and Warnock Street this morning…


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In case you missed it, the dilapidated shotgun houses that once occupied this area have been boarded up and cleared for demolition in order make room for this…


Denton-Floyd rendering


According to reports from the Courier-Journal, a student housing complex called “The Lofts” has been planned for development. The project – which is expected to include three apartment buildings and a parking garage – is being financed by Louisville-based Denton-Floyd Real Estate Group.



More on the scheduled development here.


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